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EMVCo Certified 3DS Server Solution

Authentication & anti-fraud solution to maximize checkout conversions and improve user experience
3DS Server

Authentication & anti-fraud solution to maximize checkout conversions and improve user experience

EMVCo Certified 3DS Server: Paybiz3DS

A 3DS Server solution for 3D-Secure2 Authentication

A cutting-edge solution for acquiring side authentication

Paybiz3DS is Logibiz’ 3DS Server solution that is designed for payment gateways, payment service providers, merchants, as well as banks that acquire customers who want to support 3D Secure 2. Paybiz3DS is developed based on the EMV® 3-D Secure specifications published by EMVCo.

Paybiz3DS is EMVCo certified and can support worldwide major card schemes and has the potential to add more in future.

Language Agnostic

A backend language-agnostic solution using APIs that allow for RESTful integration and flexibility

On-Premises & Cloud Hosted

In-house and Cloud Hosted options are offered to fit your needs of deployments

Protocol Router

Protocol router built-in for 3DS1 compatibility

Containerization Support

Available support of containerization and the most popular load balancers

Intuitive Dashboard

Intuitive dashboard interface to display the system's information and transaction statistics for analysis of business progress

3DS Server Testing Simulator

3DS2 testing simulator is available with a fully developed and live DS and ACS components to test the end-to-end integration of the system

Extensive Support Across Multiple Card Schemes

We can help with different types of cards to fit what you need. Just tell us which ones you want, and we’ll make sure you get the support you require.

Card Schemes Supported
Compliance and Certification

Our systems to stop fraud follow big industry rules like EMVCo and SCA. The major card schemes fully back and require them.

On-Premises deployment

On-premises deployment is also possible and gives you total control over the software and its deployment. Paybiz3DS is developed to be easy to deploy in a high-availability cluster, which is installed out of the box within your own environment. Management and installation packages are also available for discussion and customized to your specific needs.

Application Server And OS Agnostic

Paybiz3DS WAR files can be implemented by any well-known web container or as a standalone application utilizing Springboot. This is applicable to all the famous operating systems, which include Windows and Linux operating systems.

HSM Agnostic

Compatibility with all major general-purpose Hardware Security Modules that support encryption such as Thales, Gemalto, AWS KMS and other PKCS11-suitable HSMs.

Easy Product Activation

Simple administration of the entire set of Paybiz3DS instances that are deployed using the token-based activation method connected to the account of the company through Logibiz.

3DS Server Hosted Service (SaaS)

Flexible Deployment Option using Cloud Hosted Service (SaaS)

The Paybiz3DS hosted service offers the ability to scale, with 24/7 availability that allows the user to save time as well as infrastructure resources. Hosted service eliminates the requirement for clients to sign a certificate with every card scheme, which is necessary if the customer would like to implement it in-house.

Fully Compliant

All PCI certifications and compliance programs for card schemes are managed by Logibiz, which will reduce the cost of your company's investment as well as reducing the timing to go to market.

Assistance By Experts

You can save time and resources through our team of 3D Secure 2 experts to ensure that the software stable, running and up to date. Support team will be ready anytime to answer any support

Simple To Manage

The service you have purchased is managed conveniently via our client dashboard including onboarding, viewing your subscription information as well as system status. Your access to the Paybiz3DS’ instance is granted via the web-based admin panel that is located at your custom domain on our directory server to allow you to complete any administrative tasks.

3DS Server

Tailored Pricing

Logibiz’ competitive pricing structure is customised to meet your unique needs. Provides flexible and reliable payments technology to adapts your needs time to time (as they change). If you require a quote, please contact our sales team.

3DS Server

Simple integration

RESTFUL APIs with Sample Code

Integrating Paybiz3DS is extremely easy. It makes use of an industry-standard RESTful APIs. It also comes with an example 3DS Requestor as well as checkout pages to demonstrate the integration of the system. Apart from the authentication APIs, Paybiz3DS is also equipped with a set of admin APIs that enable you to programmatically alter the configuration of the software and wrap the Paybiz3DS API in your own interface for merchants.

Protocol router for 3DS1, 3DS2 compatibility

Paybiz3DS utilizes a “protocol router” for backward compatibility with 3DS1. Paybiz3DS stores all BIN ranges of cards enrolled in 3D Secure 2 prior to every authentication an API protocol call may be performed to determine whether the particular card supports 3DS2. Should it not be, the user could fall back to an old 3DS1 MPI configuration. The protocol router can be used for any 3DS1 MPI currently available and is vital for retailers to get liability shift with 3DS1 prior to the time that liability shift is activated for 3DS2 is enabled or to comply with regional mandates.

3DS Server

Support of Containerization and many popular load balancers

Paybiz3DS supports containerization for integration with load balancers. It can be used with DockerDocker ComposeKubernetes, and AWS ECS (Elastic Container Service). Paybiz3DS can also support load balancing and high-availability deployments through clustered configurations. So long as the database backend is clustered Paybiz3DS instances may be set to load balance using the mainstream load balancers.

3DS Server
3DS Server

Simbiz3DS, 3DS Testing simulator is also available to assist with your end-to-end integration testing requirements

Logibiz provides a complete testing platform called simbiz3DS. As experts on 3D Secure, all components that are used in Testing Platform are developed to the highest level. Testing Platform is able to test any 3DS component as well as to conduct tests for the integration of products.

3DS Server

Easy software interaction with graphical UI

All reports, configurations & settings for Paybiz3DS are accessible via an intuitive user interface. The UI also has a dashboard that displays important data, like the number of authentications that have been made, and breakdowns through card schemes, frictionless vs challenge, browser vs mobile etc.

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